Bharathiyar College of Education


It’s a State Government Registered Alumni Association

Office Bearers

Chairman – V.Sathyapriya

Vice Chairman – R.Ramya

Secretary – S.Shanmugeshwari

Treasurer – S.Nithya

Year of the Last Election: 2017 – 2018  

List Of Alumni Association Activities Of Last Two Years

  • They usually meet once a year and conduct academic events and attend the general body meeting. Through the academic and financial BHARATHIYAR COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, THALAIVASAL TK, TAMILNADU contributions, the alumni association organizes seminars and conferences which provide a forum for exchange of ideas of the alumni, the faculty and the present students.
  • It also helps to develop a database of all the alumni with information about their employment, their employers and nature of their present work, contact addresses, phone numbers and e-mail IDs. Such information helps the present students to contact the alumni for suitable placement.
  • This database also enables the departments to obtain the feedback information from the alumni and their employers. Such information provides important inputs for revision, modifications and introduction of new academic programs.
  • Some of the alumni have contributed generously for various academic events on the campus.
  • The alumni association has developed tremendous goodwill between the institution and the alumnae.